Tools for Developers and DBAs



Developers tools


Quest Software
Tool for Oracle Application Developers, a very popular tool with a large user base. Includes SQL Editor, Schema Browser, Procedure Editor, SQL Modeler.
Updated for release 9.7!


Tools for Oracle Databases
KeepTool’s tools are a suite of user-friendly, well-architected, resource-frugal components designed to fit your enterprise’s Oracle-centric roles, be they modelers, architects, developers, DBAs or even data operators. Costs: Hora is €599. ER-Diagrammer is €249. PL/SQL-Debugger is €189.
Updated for release 7.2!

SQL Insight

sidian Technologies, Inc.
SQL Insight is a tool aimed at writing good code and performance tuning existing code. Costs: SQL Insight Standard edition retails for $395, whilst the Professional edition is $595. The professional edition is available as an academic licence for $US89.
Updated for release 3.0!

DBA Connect

DataSparc, Inc.
DBAConnect from DataSparc provides convenient administration of your Oracle database through any web browser.
It costs $799 for first license copy; $99.00 for additional licenses. This price includes 3 months E-Mail support.

PL/SQL Developer

Allround Automations
PLSQL Developer from Allround Automations is an Oracle programming environment that comes with almost every feature you’ll need “out of the box”. This version 6.0 came close to geting our higest rating of 5 stars. The price is just $180 + $60 for a year of upgrades and technical support.



RapidSQL supports multiple databases transparently, integrates with Source Code Control tools, helps you manage your projects, provides build management, produces wonderful reports on any database object(s), and it has excellent help and support. Costs $695 per seat plus $200 support and upgrades.


An effective tool to create ER diagrams and to generate schema scripts. Useful for database architects and database programmers who want to start database designing. Supports Oracle, ANSI Level2, dBase, IBM DB2, Informix, Ingres etc. Costs $139

SQL Navigator

Quest Software
SQL Navigator is a powerful, lightweight tool built around an advanced PL/SQL editor with a GUI object browser giving users quick access to database objects and the ability to make PL/SQL editing and testing fast and effortless. Costs $795, supports Oracle 7.1 or later.

Spotlight on Oracle E-business Suit

Quest Software
This product is designed to help the administrators of Oracle E-Business Suite to meet the expectations of your users, and to chronize updates from development staff and from Oracle. Pricing starts at $5,760.