Oracle Applications Scripts

Display status of all Concurrent Managers

set head on column OsId format A10 justify left column CpId format 999999 column Opid format 999 column Manager format A30 column Status format A20 column Started_At format A30 column Cpid heading ‘Concurrent|Process ID’ column OsId heading ‘System|Process ID’ column Opid heading ‘Oracle|Process ID’ column Manager heading ‘Concurrent Manager Name’ column Status heading ‘Status|of Concurrent|Manager’…

Print Oracle Apps versions

SELECT substr(a.application_short_name, 1, 5) code, substr(t.application_name, 1, 50) application_name, p.product_version version FROM fnd_application a, fnd_application_tl t, fnd_product_installations p WHERE a.application_id = p.application_id AND a.application_id = t.application_id AND t.language = USERENV(‘LANG’) /